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Electric Automatic Cleaning Vessel
Detailed profile

This Electric Automatic Cleaning Vessel has three big advantages:
1. The operation is rather simple. All collection activities can be conducted by pressing buttons in the driving room. It can work continuously and stably.
2. This vessel applies electric power as drive, it has such advantages as being quiet and environment-friendly. It can work continuously for more than 8 hours.
3. Its collection scope is wide, it can not only collect float rubbish but also can mow float grass.

Model: CL01
Vessel Length: 9.076m
Design Waterline Length: 7.150m
Width: 2.900m
Sliced Body Width: 0.80m
Depth: 0.75m
Designed Sea Gauge: 0.55m
Tonnage: 12.075t
Max. Boosting Power: 2*5KW
Work Speed of Sailing: >3.0km/h
Crew: two
Continuous Sailing Capability: about  8 h
Rib Distance of Vessel: 0.50m
Batteries: 2200Ah


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