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Detailed profile

1. The material of the slide rail is aluminum alloy, outer frame is stainless steel.
2. The moving and lifting parts are made of aluminum alloy, or stainless steel, or steel.
3. The chair is made of real leather or man-made leather, inside PU.
4. The pedal is made of rubber and steel core.

1. The chair can move front and back or left and right from 0 to 300cm at the slide rail. The length of the slide rail also can be made according to customer’s requirement.
2. The chair can rise and fall from 0 to 15cm by air operated, or from 0 to 15cm by hydraulic pressure, or from 0 to 30cm by electric operated, or from 0 to 8cm by mechanical operated.
3. The chair can be 360degree rotation, 12 points positioning control.
4. The top of the chair can move front and back by 15cm above the pedestal. The chair can be bend forward adjustment. The backrest can adjust the angle from 80 to 150 degrees.
5. The arms of the chair can have the angle adjustment by multipoints.
6. The pedal can upward circle at 90 degrees, and 0-5cm lifting adjustment.
7. The chair can bear the torsional force more than150FT.LB, reach the international standard.

Wire Control Pilot Chair

Circular steel tube pedestal with air operated lifting system

With embedded type slide rail

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