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4-stroke 100hp marine jet engine
Detailed profile

1050cc 100HP 4 stroke jet engine  

Model: SQ100



Number of cylinders4

Engine type4-stroke

Engine displacement1052cc

Maximum Output: 75Kw102hp/8000r/min

Trolling Speed: 1600#1700 r/min

Compression ratio11.41

Bore & stroke76mm×58mm

Lubrication systemDry sump

Cooling systemWater cooled

Starting systemElectric starter

Ignition systemTCI

Spark plugCR9EBNGK),Spark plug gap:0.7-0.8mm

Battery capacity12V19Ah

Charging systemFlywheel magneto.



Propulsion systemAxial flowsingle stage jet pump,

Impeller rotationCounterclockwise(viewed from rear)

Jet thrust nozzle horizontal angle24+24 degree.



Recommended fuelRegular unleaded gasoline

Recommended engine oilSAE 10W-30,20W-4020W-50,

Fuel tank capacity60L

Engine oil quantity(Total amount)4.3L.

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